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Propecia? rogaine? what have you heard about hair loss remedies?

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If you've paid a visit to your doctor, in 99% of cases you'd agree that Propecia is the only hair loss remedy that they know about...

Why is that, you ask?

Well, its the most well-known hair loss drug around the world. And pharmaceutical companies spend hundreds of millions to make sure that doctors know all about their drugs...

See, chances are that your doctor knows next to nothing about hair loss (or its medical name, alopecia). So they'll probably write you a prescription for Propecia. In fact, many doctors don't even know how it works...

Now, please don't get me wrong...

I am not having a dig at your doctor...

Doctors, most of the time, do an amazing job. And I know, because my father is a doctor - an amazing doctor...

But the truth is, your doctor is far too busy to spend time researching hair loss remedies...

At the same time, many doctors don't like using the phrase ?I don't know?...

So when you go to your doctor, keep in mind that they probably won't know why you're losing your hair...

And they also won't have a clue about all the powerful hair loss treatments available...

That's where you come in...

See, you need to partner with your doctor. You need to educate yourself so that you can approach your doctor with ideas...

Sounds like a weird concept, doesn't it?

Listen to me: You MUST meet with your doctor before using any hair loss remedies. Your doctor knows you personally, and can tell you whether certain hair loss remedies will help you or hurt you. And believe me, using hair loss treatments that are inappropriate for you can further damage your hair AND the rest of you...

The bottom line?

Put yourself in the driver's seat by getting the best education on hair loss you possibly can. Share this information with your doctor, and together you can create your personal hair loss treatment plan...

About the author:
Dave Klein is the creator of The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution (www.HowToStopHairLoss.com), the most powerful hair loss treatment program on Earth. Visit now (http://www.HowToStopHairLoss.com) to check it out...

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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