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8 hair loss prevention tips

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Hair loss has been a problem for many people for many years and as an effect of that, there is a huge industry of medical companies that are targeting that market with all kinds of products. To combat hair loss we need weapons. Not spears or anything but treatments, remedies and preventive measures. If you are afraid of chemicals and medications with side effects, you can try these natural remedies.

1. Diet plays a big role in healthy hair. It is important that you eat healthy food. Hair loss prevention diet is nothing different than eating wholesome food, rich in vital vitamins and minerals. You have to make sure that your diet does not have too much of one vitamin and while lacking some other vitamin. Hair is essentially made of proteins.

2. Water is a great home remedy that can be used to invigorate dry damaged hair. The body can store many toxins and wastes, shown through dry dull hair. Make sure to drink 8 cups of water daily to flush out the body and provide your hair with proper inner moisture and health.

3. Amla oil is helpful. Boil several dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and it acts as a helpful hair tonic. It is simple and possibly the best cure for hair fall. Mix amla and lime juice in equal quantities and use it in shampoo to prevent hair loss.

4. Harness the power of Yucca Root. That is what the Native Americans have been doing to make sure their head is full of beautiful hair. Use a shampoo with Yucca Root as part of its ingredient. You can get Yucca Root at the health food stores, Mexican and Asian markets or online.

5. Silk and satin pillow covers are recommended, as compared to cotton or flannel pillow covers. This is true because with silk and satin pillow covers the head and the hair slide on the pillow cover and need not be forcefully pushed like is the case with cotton or flannel pillow covers.

6. Coconut oil mixed together with some boiled curry leaves can be applied to the hair and scalp. The nourishing combination of the coconut and curry will deeply penetrate the hair follicles, leaving them strong and moisturized.

7. You can also take a cup of spinach and lettuce juice everyday. Coconut oil mixed with lime juice or lime water stops fall of hair. An appropriate natural hair loss remedy is applying coriander juice on the head. Try boiling mustard oil with henna leaves for promoting healthy growth of hair. The quantity should be about 250 gm with 100 gm henna leaves.

8. Aloe vera is a truly amazing plant. Besides healing wounds and promoting beautiful skin, it can also promote hair growth. Use the gel and massage it onto your scalp. Leave it for 20-30 minutes before rinsing it off. The enzymes found in the aloe vera plant help hair to grow as well as reduce excessive dropping of hair.

Author is an online medical researcher on hair loss treatment. Click read more on hair loss treatment, herbal treatment for hair loss.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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