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Oriental silk rug - dont buy a knockoff

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An oriental silk rug can be a beautiful addition to any home. They are prized possessions because of their beauty and amazing hand woven workmanship. If you would like to find one of these beauties for yourself, make sure that you educate yourself a little bit. These rugs are very popular now so there are a lot of fakes around. If you're not careful you will pay a lot of money for a rug that isn't what you thought it was.

Due to the delicate nature of an oriental silk rug you don't want to put it in an area that gets a lot of traffic. As a matter of fact, many people will hang these rugs on a wall so they can be displayed without being damaged.

Just to give you some history, these rugs started being made in the mid sixth century for the Persian kings. These rugs have been the prized possessions of many kings and wealthy families throughout history. Many rug makers will pass down the tradition from one generation of their family to the next.

Since silk fibers are very flexible, they can be stretched very far without breaking, and they are also very strong, they are the perfect choice for weaving into a rug. Silk is also very soft, smooth and has a beautiful sheen. Silk is often combined with wool when making a rug.

Some larger silks rugs can take years to make, other 'smaller' rugs can take months to create. Since it takes 1,000 knots, all hand made, for just one square inch of rug, you can understand why a large rug could realistically take someone a lifetime to create.

There is an easy way to distinguish a hand made rug from a machine made rug: look at the back. If the rug is hand made you will be able to see the pattern on the back almost as clearly as on the front of the rug. Another thing to look for is the uniformity of the knots. The knots on a handmade rug are not perfectly uniform. If the knots on the rug you are thinking of buying are uniform than it's almost guaranteed that the rug was machine made.

The greater number of knots per square inch the higher the quality of workmanship. More knots per square inch will also indicate that the rug will be more durable and longer lasting.

You can find a rug in many shapes and sizes. Obviously, since the time it takes to make a larger rug is a lot longer, the price will also be higher than it would be for a small rug. The older the rug, anything over 50 years old is considered antique, will also make a difference in the price you will pay.

Taking a little time to learn more about what makes a true oriental silk rug before you go out and buy one, will help ensure that you get a beautiful family heirloom of unparallelled quality, and not just an overpriced 'knockoff'. Shop wisely.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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