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Online oriental rugs - fast-simple-fast information

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How do you decide what size of online oriental rugs will work for the space you have? First, measure the size of the room the rug is going into. Then you can decide how big you want your rug. Deciding on the size of a rug is not rocket science and there are a few guidelines you can follow to make a good choice.

You generally want to leave a border around the rug in the room. Two to four feet around the rug should be good. The room will look bigger with a nice border of floor around the rug. You will need to take into consideration the furniture placement and shape of the room, too, before buying online oriental rugs.

Let's start in the dining room. Measure the length and width of your dining room table with all the leaves in it then add 1'6" to that measurement to accommodate the chair legs. You need this much extra so the chair legs do not get caught on the edge of the rug when they are pulled out and you are seated. The dining room is usually a place where only one large rug is used.

The living room can be a different story however. You can have one large rug or several smaller ones to fill the space. If your furniture is up against the wall, keep the rug just under the front edge of the furniture and if your furniture is away from the walls, it can be either completely contained on the rug or positioned completely off the rug, your choice.

Furniture configuration plays a major role in determining the placement of the rug or rugs in each specific room and the bedroom is no exception. Again, do you want one large rug, big enough to have the bed on it plus room to step on when you get out of bed or do you want smaller rugs ringing the bed. If there are two beds in the room, place a rug in between them, as well.

Rugs used in the foyer need to be of high quality and be durable enough to handle the traffic coming in through the door. Use runners down hallways and make sure the runner is long enough to go past all the side doors in the hallway. To get a correct measurement for the stairs, measure the step and the riser, count how many there are and do the math. Add on 12" to 18" to the length to make sure that both ends can be folded under to prevent trips and falls.

When beginning to decorate a room, you should pick out your oriental rugs first and match everything else to them instead of the other way around. It is just easier to match paint, fabrics and wallpaper to the colors in the rug than trying to find the colors you have chosen in the rug you want. Talk to a designer and get their opinion on what type of online oriental rugs to put in which room. It probably won't cost a lot to get an objective opinion and you can let go of some stress, too.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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