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Wholesale poker tables - can save your money

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Buying wholesale poker tables is one sure way to save yourself some money. Since we all know you can usually find anything you want online, that is where you should start your search.

Poker tables come in all shapes and sizes so figure out what you need or want first. Several things you should consider, what kind of space do you have for a poker table? If you have dedicated a room for your poker playing then obviously you have more space for a full sized poker table than if you were just going to play in the dining room.

If you are just going to be playing in the dining room then maybe you should consider a poker table top that fits right over your existing table. Easy to use and store, buying a poker table top will save you some money too.

Another thing to consider is, how many players are you trying to accomodate at your poker table. Round wholesale poker tables can comfortably seat six to eight players while an oval poker table can seat eight to ten players.

A good, quality poker table should have chip racks to keep the chips organized and drink holders to minimize spills that we all know can and will happen. And since some poker players like to smoke cigars when they play, built in ashtrays are a must.

There are plenty of online stores that will let you customize your own poker table. How cool would that be? All the bells and whistles you could imagine. You could choose the fabric color and wood finish to match the decor of your home interior.

Now custom and wholesale may not go together but you would be the talk of the town with a brand new custom poker table. People would be asking you if they could come and play poker at your house.

Folding poker tables are also an option if you do not have the space to have a full size poker table. Light weight and easy to carry, set up, and store, your portable poker table can make the rounds to all the poker buddies homes. Hey, maybe you can all pitch in to buy one, then no one person is out a lot of money or responsible for the clean-up after every poker game night.

You can have a traveling poker game and since each of you has an interest in the table then after the game at your house you can take it to the next game and then leave it and then that poker buddy can bring it with him to the next poker night at the next guy's house. Easy peasy.

If you have some difficulty finding information online about wholesale poker tables, check out the wholesale clubs like Sam's or Costco. They're inventory does vary somewhat from season to season but if you hit it just right, you may be able to find what you are looking for and get a great deal, too.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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