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What is an email signature and what do i do with it?

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You hear it all the time... email signature, sig file, signature box, etc.

What Is A Signature?

A signature is a short block of text at the end of a message with information identifying you and providing additional information about what you are offering.

You can think of your signature as passive advertising. It follows you wherever you go on the Internet and quietly and very effectively tells those you meet who you are and what you do - if you are taking advantage of the benefits of a personalized signature.

You can use your signature in the closing of ALL emails you send. It is like an extension of your identity. Display it proudly (unless of course you are posting to an email group that does not allow signatures)!

You can use your signature when posting to message boards and forums, too. Of course, you will want to read the rules of the forum to be sure that signatures are allowed. Many message boards provide for a signature in your Profile that you create when you join the forum - and the signature is usually automatically added when you post a message.

What Does An Email Signature Look Like?

Usually, an email signature is best limited to 6 lines or less. It needs to create curiosity, clearly state what you are offering and invite readers to CLICK on it to learn more - all in a nano-second - because that is about how much time you have to get the attention of the readers of your email.

Keep the lines of your signature short and concise and easy to read quickly. Include only enough information to create curiosity to encourage the reader to CLICK on the link to your website (or to call a phone number if you do not have a website).

Here is an example:

In gratitude,

Linda Miller

Do NOT File Your 2004 Tax Returns
Until You Read This...

Success is an inside job!

Does that create curiosity for you? Does it create a sense of urgency?

For those who are in process of preparing tax returns, it does certainly create curiosity - and it is those who are in process of preparing tax returns that I am targeting with this signature.

I always include my telephone number in my signature as I want to be appear approachable - as a REAL person, which I am of course! In all the years I have been marketing online, I have never had a problem with providing my telephone number.

My signature also always includes a favorite affirmation of mine - for two reasons. One, it is my way of reminding myself of the affirmation. Every time I see it in an email or forum message, I repeat it to myself. Two, it is my way of sharing affirmations with the world. I have had people write to me to ask if they can "borrow" the affirmation for their own use. Of course! Absolutely!

Using Domain Names In Your Signature

Notice, too, that the domain name of the website I am offering is one that also creates curiosity. The real website address for the above signature is:


Which address is more likely to get your attention?

Purchasing your own domain name is inexpensive and simple to do and makes a huge difference in the appearance of your signature.

How Can You Entice People To Click On Your Signature?

If you want readers of your messages to click on your signature, target the audience to whom you are writing. Be sure your email is professional and attractive to the target group. You may want to have several different signatures for different target audiences.

One effective way to capture attention with your signature is to make it a PS (postscript) or even include Pssssssst in your signature, like this...

In gratitude,

Linda Miller

Psssst - Have you filed your tax return yet?
Be sure to read this first!

Success is an inside job!

A PS or Psssst gets attention!

Automating Your Email Signature

Most email programs have a feature to allow you to create multiple email signatures and include them automatically in your emails. Click on Help in your email program and type in "email signature" and you will find detailed instructions - or you can even do a search for information on the Internet and you will find a variety of instructions.

For posting to message boards and forums that do not provide a way for you to create an automatic signature, you can type your various signatures in a Notepad document and save it on your computer. Keep it open and when you are posting to a message board, just copy & paste the desired signature into your message. Quick, easy and effective!

Viral Marketing With Email Signatures

You know how you get forwards from people you know with articles, stories or jokes? When you share something of value with people you know - or to a discussion list in which you participate - always include a signature because you never know when someone is going to forward YOUR message to all of their friends. Viral Marketing is a powerful tool!

The Most Important Part of Your Signature

Of course, the most important part of your signature is the destination to which you are leading your readers. Therefore, the most important thing to remember is..

Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Spelling is extremely important of course, but even more important is the accuracy of the URL or website address that you include in your signature... for if someone clicks on the link you provide and it does not work, you have lost the opportunity to capture that reader's interest.

One way to be sure the URL in your signature is working is to copy & paste it into your browser and go to the website yourself. Then you will know it works!

In a signature file, you have once chance to capture your reader's attention. Make a it a good one!

OK, so be sure to foward THIS article to everyone you know - and of course include my signature (wink!).

Copyright 2005

Linda Miller is a Spiritual Entrepreneur whose quest is to empower others to deliberately create true abundance and prosperity while contributing to increasing the consciousness of the world. This article may be distributed freely, provided that this resource box is included in its entirety.


Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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