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Safety razor brands

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There are innumerable safety razor brands on the market today. Most of which started close to a century, or more, ago. I will not go into all of them but maybe you would like a small history lesson on a couple of the big ones.

You know about Gillette. You have probably used their products at some point and may still do. Gillette has been around for way more than a century and millions of men, and women for that matter, use their products. Apparently, there is some controversy as to who actually invented the safety razor first but, no matter, it was invented and that is all we care about for the purposes of this article.

In 1903, the first year of production of Gillette razors, annual sales were 51 razors and 168 blade packs. I guess the safety razor took a little time to take off. However, a year later in 1904, when the first patent was awarded, annual sales increased dramatically to approximately 145,000 razors.

Blades were honed by hand until 1914 when Gillette's number one employee, William Nickerson, invented the automatic honing machine allowing for increased blade production.

Women were not left out of the picture either and since leg and underarm shaving was becoming way more popular due to increasingly higher hemlines there was a need for a women's razor. The Milady Decollette was introduced as the first women's razor in 1915.

There have been many adjustments and improvements over the years like the toggle head razor that was introduced in 1957 on up to the razors available today with four and even five blades on one head to give the closest shave possible.

Schick is the other of the safety razor brands I would like to talk about. Also begun around the turn of the 20th century the Schick brand razor was invented because of the weather. US Army Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Schick, after retiring from the army in 1910, was mining in Alaska and British Columbia in the winter. The temperature hovered right around the -40 mark and he noticed he was having some difficulty shaving his face.

Because of this he invented a way to dry shave without water or lather. Although when he tried to market the new design, he found there was no interest in it so he moved on to other things.

It wasn't until 1921 that he invented a new type of safety razor where all you had to do to change blades was to feed the blades up through the handle. This obviously saved many a finger or hand from cuts due to the fact that you no longer had to handle the sharp blade. This was the precursor to the Schick Injector Razor.

He went on to introduce one of the first electric razors. Shaving was never the same after that. Schick merged with the Wilkinson Sword Company and now owned by the Energizer company, which we all know is all about batteries.

As I said there are many more safety razor brands out there these are just two of the biggest.

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