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Pocket size e book reader - they come in all sizes

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You like the idea of an ebook reader but you just cannot justify buying another piece of equipment. You can make a pocket size e book reader out of an iPod, iPhone, an old Palm Pilot or you can buy the latest and greatest pocket sized Sony Reader.

I guess the first decision that you need to make is if you want a multimedia unit or one that just stores ebooks. Having a multimedia unit can help you stay in touch with those family and friends you love by allowing you to stay updated on Facebook or any of the other social networks. If you own an iPod or iPhone or even an iPad you can have your multi-function multimedia pocket size e biik reader, just by downloading the iBook app. The resolution may not be quite the same and there may not be very many words on the page but you have your ebook reader.

Other units are sole dedicated to the reading of ebooks, some store magazines and newspapers as well. There is a newer technology being applied these days to the ebook readers that is called, E-ink. E-ink refreshes your pages quicker and easier so your eyes do not have to work so hard and you do not have to worry about being unable to read outside. Daylight will not affect your screen. You can finally read while enjoying the great outdoors.

Most units have their own proprietary format. which means they have developed their own format and no one else can use it. Kindle and Sony are the two most popular. Books are purchased online and then downloaded directly to the unit. If you have a subscription for a 3G service your download will take no time at all.

If you buy the ebook reader that stores upwards of 3,500 books and each book runs you right around $10, you could ultimately spend $35,000 on books. Of course, it would take you a long time to download and store that many books but it can be done and you would absolutely never have to worry about buying another hardcover or paperback book again.

If money is an issue, and you have access to an old Palm Pilot then you can convert it to a pocket reader. All you have to do is convert the format of the reader to the Palm Pilot and then download the software. Since you can do this with the older model Palms then just pick one up on ebay for next to nothing and then you will have the next best thing in e book readers.

The dedicated e book readers cost any where from $99 to $299. This may be justified though because they are very well built and last a long time without major repair bills to go along with them. so if you are looking for a pocket size e biik reader to store lots of books on then make sure and do your research to get the best bang for your buck.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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