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Make your own ebook reader - use your lap top

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If you really want an e book reader but can't afford one and you currently own a laptop computer did you know that you could make your own e book reader without having to shell out extra money for another piece of equipment? It's true. All you have to do is download the books straight to your laptop. Give them their own file and then they are right at your fingertips just like they would be if you had a Kindle or a Nook.

If you do not have a laptop computer, you can pick one up for not much more than a Kindle or Nook costs at one of those places that refurbishes them. These computers usually come with a 30 to 90 day warranty and will do just fine for you to make your own ebook reader.

The upside for having the ebook reader on your laptop is that you can have all the perks of being able to surf the internet and play music, get your email and update your status with the press of a button.

If you buy a used mobile device, consider the fact that you may have to upgrade the operating system. The guys who refurbished the device may have already done this during the refurbishing but check before you buy and if they have not then ask them if they can do it for you. You may need to take your laptop for a "test drive" and see if you can read it outdoors. A lot of laptops are difficult to read outside. If the one you want is hard to read outside, see if there is something they can do for shading so you can read it outdoors.

Plan on figuring out how to create shortcuts and buttons on the screen, especially if you buy a piece of equipment that has a touch screen. You are going to want to access your books quickly and so you will need the shortcuts or icons on the screen for this purpose.

Next pick which ebook reader software you like best and install it on your laptop computer. There are lots of free downloads you can find on the internet. Some popular ones are Adobe, uBook, and Microsoft reader. There are readers for everyone, some for books, some for comics, some for magazines, and some for newspapers.

Once all this is done all you have to do is find your favorite books to download. There are plenty of places on the internet to find books to download and store on your computer. Some of the more popular sites for download are Project Gutenberg, FBReader.org, Amazon.com and BN.com. You can find lists of what is available on these sites and can then pick and choose the ones you want.

Once you find the books you want to download then all you have to do is have a way to pay for them. The cost of the ebooks may vary but usually best-sellers cost around $10. Once you order the book, it will be available for download immediately to your laptop or other device. You could even turn an iPhone into an ebook reader if you wanted to. Keep these tips in mind when you think that you need to go out and spend more money when all you really need to do is learn how to make your own ebook reader.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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