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Fad diets can kill!

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Everything you read about diets should be "taken with a grain of salt". If something seems too good to be true, or
not plausible, seek other sources, or ask at

You probably have heard about "anorexia", self-starvation, or "bulimia", binge eating followed by laxatives and/or induced vomiting. These disorders often affect females with poor self image. Death can result.

You might not realize that some fad diets are also deadly to health or to life. Any diet that focuses on just a few foods, or mostly water or juices, except under personal medical supervision, can damage critical organs and nerve tissues beyond repair. Don't willfully make yourself into
a starvation victim.

Be cautious when reading about such things as "macrobiotic" diets. "Macrobiotic" is a combination of two words, created to mean great / long life achieved through diet of whole grains, vegetables, beans, limited quantities of animal foods. Some fanatics have taken this to mean nothing but grains and water. The "brown rice diet" is an example that has caused deaths.

Don't expect "the grapefruit diet" to do much more than supply you with a lot of vitamin C. You had better continue
eating proteins, fruits, vegetables, fiber foods.

As I wrote in my diet eBook, If calories burned are more / less than calories ingested, weight will be lost / gained. Physics can NOT be turned off.

By the way, as you can read on their web site, posted August 22, 2003,
"Mayo Clinic diet: It doesn't exist.
A number of so-called "Mayo Clinic diets" have surfaced over the years. None of these originated at or are endorsed by Mayo Clinic."

** Diet with FACTS, not MYTHS. **

About the author:
Dr. Miller is author of ""Easy Health Diet"" http://easyhealthdiet.com/diet.htm""Exercise for
Juniors to Seniors"" http://easyhealthdiet.com/JrSr.htmand numerous free articles on health http://articles.easyhealthdiet.com/
Seven of ten deaths are caused by preventable diseases.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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