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Five ways to tell if you are in credit card debt

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Five Ways to Tell if You Are in Credit Card Debt
By Tl Kleban

Do you know the warning signs of falling into credit card debt? Unfortunately, many Americans don't and are getting in over their heads because they are not using their credit wisely. These debts are threatening their financial futures. Paying your minimum payments each month doesn't mean you have your credit problem under control.

Just paying the minimum amount benefits the credit card company, not you. Minimum payments cause credit cards debts to stick around longer and in turn continue to build interest. You become enslaved to your debt paying mostly paying on the interest instead of the purchase and how credit card companies make money.

If your stress level is constantly through the roof with worries about your credit cards, then you know you're in over your head. What you need to realize is that the first step to overcoming your debt problem is to recognize it. Here are five more warning signs you are headed towards credit card trouble: You don't payback as much as you charge - This example is a lot like trying to fill a bucket full of water only that your bucket has a big hole in it. No matter how much water you put in, it's just going to fall out. Your credit card debt is the same way if you continue to charge on it without substantial payments back on the debt. Your debt will continue to increase.

No plan to pay off your credit card debt - You should have an active plan to pay off your debt. It's a safe way to control your finances. If you're not paying off the right amounts on the right cards, you can end up paying for years to come unnecessarily. You should actually always have a financial plan for all of your balances and payments. It's just a wise thing to do.

You think you can afford expensive items through credit - Many people make the mistake of charging things on their credit cards because they believe that since they are not paying for everything at once, they can automatically afford it. This is never the case. Only when you have extra income, from a raise, or lower expenses. such as no more student loans, can you truly afford expensive items. Using your credit card for luxuries you can't afford is not a smart decision towards your future finances.

Your accounts are past due - If your cards are already past due, then you're probably in financial trouble now which is preventing you from making payments. This can only cause you to become further in debt. The more past due your accounts are, the harder it is to get them current. Plan out a monthly budget. Figure out how much you can afford to spend for bills and how much you need to get by.

All your credit cards are maxed out - I got news for you. If you're already maxed out on all your credit cards, then you are already in credit card debt. You better put a plan of action together to get yourself out of that mess. Your plan should include a way pay off your credit card debt while smart decisions on using future credit card use.

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