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Profitable partnering

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Become your customers top-of-mind choice.

Some of these snapshots of real life SmartPartnership success stories can be adapted to help your kind of business (or non-profit or government agency) thrive?

1. *Offer Special Touches That Your Competition Doesn't*

That's how guests at the Holiday Inn Express enjoy the opportunity to try Kohler's new multi-function showerhead and spa bath.

Families staying at some Holiday Inns featuring Nickelodeon Family Suites get to play in a water park and arcade.

Who knows how many people chose to stay at the Ritz Carlton during one Fall, rather than at another luxury hotel because of an added thrill, complimentary use of a brand new Mercedes during their stay?

2. *Trade Benefits to Lower Your Overhead - While Attracting Attention with a "First Ever"*

That's how T-shirt designer Tami Minatelli could exhibit at nine street fairs last summer without paying for her booth space. A manufacturer of a new, unique, no- stain suntan lotion paid for Tami's booth. Because she wore their lotion and her T- shirts, with a sign above her head, describing her original painting-on-cotton method and the lotion's "do no harm" guarantee. Next to burn protection, that's the biggest concern of people who use suntan lotions.

3. *Co-Create Products That Provide Another Reason to Buy - and Attract Media Coverage*

That's why Volkswagen's Beetle and BMW are creating an in-car adapter to accept iPod music players by Apple Computer Inc.

Spectacularly expensive iPod minis, decorated by Swarovski with 1,000 crystals (one for each of the 1,000 songs it can store) are attracting priceless publicity, as have some cell phones and pianos, also "Crystallized with Swarovski"

That's how the new Acer laptops look ever more elegant now that they are packed into a candy red casing, designed by Ferrari 3400, complete with the sports car's logo.

That's why this summer you'll have another reason to buy Adidas' trendy new walking shoe. It will sport striking-looking and cushy Eagle F1 tire treads from the tire giant Goodyear.

4. *Get Introduced to Prospective Buyers Where Your Competition Isn't Even in Sight*

That's why those who fly on Delta Air Lines airline, Song, will see cabin interiors and flight attendant uniforms created by clothing designer Kate Spade.

5. *Become a Bigger Customer Magnet by Joining Forces to Offer More Helpful Tips *

That's why, when pillow-maker, Leo Hollander decided to drop private labeling work in favor of launching his own brand, he recruited complementary partners. On his "Live Comfortably" web site, he provides articles by a feng shui expert, a chiropractor, and a color specialist. Result? He boosted all partners' visibility and credibility ? in front of their mutual market of customers.

6. *Give Your Niche Market Something They'll Want to Talk About*

To reach men in bars, sports arenas and restaurants, advertisers used the Wizmark, otherwise called an "interactive urinal communicator." As men step up to the urinal they activate, with the slightest movement, a sensor that prompts red lights to flash, crunchy guitar chords to sound and a 30 second commercial to appear. Yes women, the male response has been positive.

7. *Let Your "First-Ever * Story be Optimally Timed for All Partners*

That's why Oprah Winfrey and General Motors could *make dreams come true* for audience members and reap millions of dollars of free media coverage. Women were escorted out to the parking lot where they saw rows of beribboned Pontiac 6Gs to drive away. What a way to kick off the new TV season and be top-of-mind for car buyers.

That's why this summer you'll have another reason to buy Adidas' trendy new walking shoe. It will sport striking-looking and cushy Eagle F1 tire treads from the tire giant Goodyear.

8. *Give People Another Reason to Try Your Product*

That's how Applebee's and Weigth Watchers attracted new customers without advertising more. When Weight Watchers designed and branded several low-cal menu items for Applebee's, followers of their diet program (and those thinking of losing weight) could eat out without guilt, at Applebee's. And Applebee's fans got a first-hand introduction to the flavor of Weight Watchers.

Bottom Line benefit:

SmartPartnerships generate a profitable payoff for all partners because, at the very least, they get a credible introduction to each other's customers.

You don't have to go it alone any longer. The "feel good" truth is that, with the right partners, the sum is greater than apart.

Here are some low-risk and high-opportunity ways to jump-start your first consumer-attracting SmartPartnership

1. Print joint promotional messages on your bills.

2. Offer a reduced price, special service, or convenience if customers buy services or products from you and your partner.

3. Hang signs or posters promoting one another on your walls, windows, or products.

4. Mention one another's benefits when you speak at local events or are interviewed by the media.

5. Show the joint use of your services and their benefit on the health of patients

6. Pool mailing lists and send out a joint promotional postcard.

7. Promote your partners' products during their slow times, and ask them to do the same for you.

8. Share inexpensive ads in local shopping papers or a nonprofit event program.

9. Give a joint interview to local media.

10. Put one another's promotional messages on Lucite stands on counters or floor stands in waiting areas.

11. Encourage your staff to mention how your partner's products can be used with yours.

12. Give your partner's product to your customers when they buy a large quantity of your product, and ask your partner to do the same.

13. Use door hangers, posters, flyers, or postcards to promote special offers for one another's products.

14. Co-produce an in-store or other event, demonstration, celebrity appearance, free service, or lecture.

The BIG Benefit:

Together the partners in each of these real life success stories generated far more visibility, value, money and goodwill than they could have accomplished in traditional "solo" promotions, fundraising or advertising.

Kare Anderson is the author of SmartPartnering, publisher of the SayitBetter newsletter reaching 32,000 people, speaker and Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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