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Obesity isn?t the only problem with today?s youth entertainm

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Parents are desperately trying to lure their children away from video games and the TV for fear of obesity. Many children today are substituting good reads for TV remote and game controllers. Cindi Brown, a daycare owner expresses ?Children who read at an early age seem more content with a good book and do not rely on TV and video games for entertainment as much as non-readers.?

Evelyn Petersen, author of 8 books for early childhood and parenting, a writer in newspapers for over 20 years, ?Detroit Free Press? and ?KRTN Wire? previously, as well as writing for weekly parenting columns for the ?Nashville Tennesean?. Also has been published in ?Children and Families" magazine comments ?Many first grade teachers are noticing that children who stare at the TV screen for hours each day are often damaging the muscles in their eyes so they cannot ?track? their eyes to left to right as you read.?

While many parents are often too busy to take time to read to their children, it is associated that ?children who are read to, are children who read,? as commented by MaryAnn Kohl, author of over 15 books on creative art for children, and a columnist for many parenting magazines including Scholastic's ?Let's Find Out.?

Early childhood reading is considered a key element in a child's success for their future. Sue Reszka has been teaching in preschools for 25 years and has found that ?children that have the opportunity to experience books at a young age, have a much easier time when learning to read on their own. Reading to children at an early age helps them learn new words, relate the spoken word to the printed word, develop listening skills and an understanding of what words mean. Books let children experience whole new worlds, people, places and ideas. The greater the variety of experiences a child has, the greater the chances that he/she will succeed.?

While often children don't want to read books because their either consider to childish for their age or not entertaining enough, a current release from LH Publications and Productions has been found to entice readers of all ages while secretly unveiling a lesson or two in each story. Mysterious Chills and Thrills by author Laura Hickey is an anthology of spooky twists of fiction that weave the age old question of ?what if? that many generations can apply to their own lives.

Mysterious Chills and Thrills shows promise to delight kids across the nation at a price to please parents. With book reviews such as ?A young person's thriller written in their own language, 5 stars? and ?Age appropriate for children six and up, these stories will have you chilled and thrilled!? from ?Book Review Cafe?, Mysterious Chills and Thrills isn't your average sci-fi children's book. Funny, creepy and educational, it's a triple threat of a gem of a book for kids to start reading at a young age. This holiday season remember, good readers promote communication and SOLIDIFY important skills for life.

Mysterious Chills and Thrills can be bought as an e-book or paper back book at http://www.laurahickey.com for ages 9-12.

# # #

Laura Hickey is the author of the children's book Mysterious Chills and Thrills, along with many articles.


Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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