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Advantages of digital electronic books

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E-books, also known as electronic books, are simply digital versions of traditional books printed on paper. Such books are purchased and then immediately downloaded to your computer or digital book reader for instant reading. Once you purchase them, they're yours; just like regular books.

To be fair, the reading experience is a bit different with e-books than it is with regular books. However, new technology is making that less and less of an issue. There are a few other limitations, especially when it comes to the hand-held reading devices. But, when it comes right down to it, the few downsides are far outweighed by the benefits of digital electronic books.

1. E-books end to be more affordable than regular books. You can get most electronic versions of print books for under $10 (there are exceptions) while you would be hard-pressed to find soft cover books for that price. This is because the publisher doesn't have to pay for printing. Once it's converted to digital format, all they have to do is deliver it to you electronically.

2. Instant gratification. Instead of taking the time to go to the bookstore, you can browse selections from the convenience of home. No more dealing with traffic, fighting crowds, or waiting in line. That's definitely a benefit of electronic books.

3. Electronic reading devices. It used to be that if you purchased e-books, you would have to read them on your home computer or laptop. However, there are now hand-held devices that allow you to read e-books on the go. They are constantly improving the features, making them a more attractive option to the regular consumer.

New versions of these e-readers have viewing screens that mimic the reading experience of regular print books. This gives them a more natural feel and they do not cause reading fatigue the way earlier models did.

Electronic reading devices can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 3,500 titles. This means you won't be likely to run out of reading material. But if you should find you need something else to read, you can download new titles wirelessly with most e-readers; again, making them very convenient.

4. Portability. Digital books take up far less room than their physical counterparts. If you like, you can take your laptop on vacation and be able to read to your heart's content. However, this wouldn't be all that handy on the beach, or other places, but e-readers are portable enough to take just about anywhere. Either way, the only weight associated with e-books is the weight of the device on which they are being read; regardless of how many titles are stored on it.

5. No shipping. E-books are downloaded electronically in a matter of moments. Therefore, there is no waiting days or weeks for them to arrive in the mail, and there are no additional postage costs.

As you can see, digital electronic books have a lot of advantages. Now, that doesn't mean regular books are going to be going away any time soon, as they still have some advantages of their own. However, e-books have enough going for them that they are sure to be the preferred option for more and more people.

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