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True value of comic books

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Do you recall the first time you read or bought a comic book? You probably read the comic book from cover to cover and tossed it into a drawer where it was forgotten. The value of comic books is related to if you have read it or not, correct? If it has been read a few times, then it has very little value now.

The assumption that comic books lose value after being read is not true. The value of comic books can vary depending on how long it has been kept and how well it has been preserved. A comic book is considered a novelty item that can be considered an icon of the time when they were created. In some cases a comic book could be considered memorabilia, and this type of item can increase in value over time.

Many comic books would cost more than ten times their original value of when they were first on sale. Certain comic books have a mass appeal and are popular which will bring up their value.

The Batman franchise is a perfect example: No one knew that the fictional hero of DC comics Detective comics issue, would be such a popular character in our modern society. The Batman superhero from the comics, has become the theme of many of more recent Hollywood movies and has even made his appearance on television. There is no doubt that the earlier versions of the Batman series are worth hundreds of dollars and maybe even thousands.

Some factors to consider when appraising or beginning a comic book collection should be kept in mind, even though most comic books are like antiques because they get more expensive with age. Before you go charging off looking comic books in your attic and garage, you need to realize that not all comic books are worth anything.

The value of comic books will depend on numerous factors such as quality of its physical attributes. In other words if you own a comic book that is a flop and never gained popularity, then its worth is not much more than what was paid for it. If it was a successful series such as Spiderman,Superman or Batman and other familiar icons then you may want to check the date that it was published and the issue number.

If you have an alpha edition (first print), signature publish or a limited edition the value of comic books can rise significantly. If the quality is pristine then the comic book will cost more. The lack of dog ears, creases or folds and discoloration will increase the value.Avid comic book collectors do not even read their comic books,they simply buy it and save it in a safe place to preserve the value. Since the value of comic books can increase over time, it is an interesting item to make a hobby of and to collect.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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