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Get paid to answer or to write in the world wide web

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Do you write ? Are you anxious to get paid to give answers to the inquiries other persons raise ? It doesn't really matter if you choose to get paid by writing content or merely for giving answers to the questions that other people put because exist sites that do this or that. The paid to answer and paid to write sites can be listed in two genres: the ones that pay you a certain sum for every article or every answer you write and the ones that permit you to make use of your adsense code or your affiliate links on their pages in which you posted your content.
The first genre is appropriate if you don't have any skill about SEO or search engine marketing while the second group is excellent for everybody that knows about how making popular a website page and how to get traffic. Another distinction is that in the first genre you vend your answers or articles while in the other you get paid on how much is shown your answers despite its quality, if you are not an expert or don't have a certification it is better to opt for the sites that permit you to use your adsense code or to use your affiliate links. You can locate the internet sites i talked about just searching Google by "paid to answer" or "paid to write".
If you choose to use the websites that permit you to place your adsense code or your affiliate links in your content or answers then you have to acquire views on the pages in which your content are contained unless you will not make a cent: to get this you must get these pages ranked well in the search engines like google and to get this you must get links. You will find many techniques to get links, a method is forum marketing and other one is using dofollow social networking internet sites, the backlinks should be directed to your user profile's URL in the case of forum marketing or to the latest post you placed in case of social bookmarking sites.
Ranking well in the search engines is not the only way to get traffic because social networking internet sites like Facebook are good too: you can design a facebook page, concerning the username you have on the paid to answer or paid to write internet sites, and then get fans to it. For every new answer or every new content you can setup an update on your facebook page so all the fans will get it and perhaps will go to see it, more fans you obtain more visits you'll acquire.
Search engines and social networking sites are the biggest source of traffic and this means for your answers or articles many views, ads and affiliate links will be clicked and you'll get paid to answer or to write content.

Paidtoanswer is the place in which people get paid to answer the questions other people raise: get paid to answer questions online asked by persons

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