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What happens when during the baby shower?

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To be precise, anything can happen anytime as long as everyone enjoys it. There is no right way or wrong way-anything goes well. But the idea should be to make everyone comfortable and make the mom-to-be feel proud and happy at her shower.

Showers are a great tradition to congratulate the new mom and her family, shower her with lots of gifts and blessings. Games are lots of fun and especially good to play if guests do not know each other well. In that case games act as a big icebreaker. Typically, three to five games are played at a baby shower, depending on how much time each baby shower game takes. The winner of each game sometimes is given a small gift from the hostess as a prize.

Basic Tips And Hints:

Be prepared! Have enough pens, pencils, erasers and paper on hand for any game you decide to play. If it is a couples shower, include the games that men and women both can enjoy. Try to include the party games that mom-to-be can participate in from her cozy chair. Have gifts for the winners such as: scented candles, potpourri, crystal vases, picture frames, address books, day planners, movie passes, plants, coffee mugs, gourmet coffee, hand mirrors, bath soaps, flowers, etc.

Although the traditional showers were "ladies only" celebrations, these days men are also being included. The baby shower is usually held about 4-6 weeks before or after the birth. Literally there are no specific guidelines to celebrate the baby party, just plan what you think everyone will enjoy.

However, a well planned and an easy-flowing shower can be something like this:

Pre-shower events:

You should do thorough planning to invite everyone close to the mom-to-be and her family. Send the invitations well ahead of time around 4-6 weeks in advance. If you have a special theme let everyone know on the invitation. To plan a surprise baby shower or not should be decided carefully.

During the shower activities:

Upon arrival, greet the shower guests, make them comfortable, put the gifts on the gift table, take their coats, pin on their name tag and offer them a beverage. Provide a gift table near where the mom-to-be will be seated to open them. As guests arrive, ensure their envelope or gift tag is securely attached to their gift before putting it on the table. Introduce them to other guests. When everyone has arrived, start with an icebreaker game to get things started. Now is the time to serve light beverages to everyone. If serving a meal, let the guests know when to help themselves. Provide seating chair and tables to the senior ladies for meal. When the meal is over, serve dessert. While guests are enjoying their desserts, the mom can open her gifts. Play one last game and pass out any gifts for the shower guests to gently bring the shower to a close.

As these are one-time events for many couples, try to capture every single moment with the help of still photography, videography and voice recording. Give the mother-to-be and the guests something to remember and cherish these special.

Generally at showers light snacks and beverages are served. However, as the hostess, you decide on the food, if it will be catered, etc.

With careful planning your shower will be a fantastically fun and memorable event for the guest of honor and all of the shower guests!

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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