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Baby shower checklist-hostess

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Using baby shower checklist-hostess are the best way to stay organized if you are planning a baby shower. The more organized you are the better the shower will be. You also want to make things as stress free for yourself as possible so that you don't come across as the frazzled hostess.

Don't be afraid to ask for help if the checklist seems overwhelming. Invited guests will want to help in any way that they can. Your goal is to host the perfect baby shower and this many times means delegating the tasks that need to be done.

By using the following baby shower checklist-hostess you'll be able to organize the perfect baby shower. Use the free baby shower checklists to help with your organizing.

Baby Shower Checklist-Hostess One Month

Set a date for the baby shower Make guest list Choose location for hosting the shower Choose a theme Decide what type of a menu you want to serve Choose the type of invitations you're going to send out Decide what games and activities to include Enlist help

Three Weeks

Send Invitations (be sure to include RSVPs deadline and directions) Order food Order cake

Two Weeks

Buy baby shower decorations and party favors Plan games Buy favors Buy a guestbook for the guests to sign Make sure that your menu is finalized

One Week

Wrap gifts Take a final count of the accepted guests Phone those guests that haven't yet responded Confirm food and cake Confirm guest list Make sure you have enough film for the camera Prepare and clean your home (if the location of the shower)

One Day Before the Shower

Start putting up the decorations Prepare the party favors; make sure that you have enough Make sure all the games and activities are organized If the cake was ordered pick it up or have it delivered Set up the chairs and tables; add more decorations Make sure you enough ice and beverages

The Day of the Shower

Do any last-minute decorating Blow up balloons Prepare the punch and other beverages Set up the food and cake Have a guestbook ready at the door for guests to sign Have a side table ready for the gifts Greet guests at the door Enjoy!

Hope this baby shower checklist-hostess will be a great help to you. Now you just need to get on with making all of the above start happening. Good luck and have a fun time!

© Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

Randy is owner of How to Plan a Baby Shower where you can get more tips and ideas for your baby shower. You can also purchase and find free baby shower games. Randy owned and operated a very successful storefront/mailorder business from 1988 to 2003. Currently full time owner/operator of several online businesses.

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