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To develop your childs genius - start with your unborn baby

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Research has shown that babies in their mom's womb can hear sounds from the environment, and it is widely believed that the baby is sensitive to their environment - inside and outside of their mother's womb. It is a known fact that the mother's moods and activities can affect the unborn baby (I use the term baby instead of fetus, it is my personal preference.)

It is a good idea for an expectant mother to arrange for a peaceful and happy environment. Luckily, it is quite common for this time of a woman's life to be the most happy time in life. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. Activity is great (as long as there is no physical condition that dictates otherwise). However, I definitely recommend engaging in activities that bring joy and enjoyment.

I have heard stories from mothers who noticed a significant change in the amount of movement they have felt when a very loud and fast music was played. My mother told me this funny story about the time when she was pregnant with my sister and myself (we are twins). She went to the movies, and a very loud, active music was played. We have become so active in her belly, that she had to get up and leave the theater, it was impossible for her to sit and watch the movie.

It is advisable to listen to quiet, peaceful music. Classical music is beneficial. It is believed that listening to classical music is beneficial for the development of children in general, before they are born and after.

We can take advantage of the fact that the baby can hear us, and talk to the baby often. What would you say to a newborn? We already know that talking to a newborn is very beneficial for it's development. Anything that you would say to a newborn you can say to your unborn baby. You can read it a story, you can sing it a song. You can express your love and feelings. Talk to your baby very lovingly every day.

One thing that an expectant mother can do, and I believe to be very beneficial to an unborn baby, is swimming. This is beneficial to the mother, as well as the baby. The mother will be in excellent physical condition during her pregnancy and for the delivery. Swimming takes some weight off the spine, and gives a much welcome relief to the back and front muscles. (As you know, things weigh differently in the water.) It strengthens the mother's lungs, and increases the amount of oxygen supply to all organs, including, of course, the womb and placenta. Therefore, the baby, too, gets a fresh and increased supply of oxygen. This is beneficial to the general development of the baby, and specifically the baby's brain. Before you start swimming, ask your doctor for permission. Make sure that you are swimming in a safe environment, and that there are other people around.

Everything that is beneficial to the mother, is also beneficial to the baby. Another thing that I believe to be great for mom and baby, is Yoga. There are special Yoga classes for expectant mothers, and if you can - find one that is convenient for you. There are also many Yoga videotapes available. Try to find one that is specifically designed for expectant mothers. Before you start a Yoga program, it is advisable to get an OK from your doctor.

For the last 26 years, Esther Andrews has studied, researched and practiced the ways to develop a child's intelligence. She also served as the principal of the School for Gifted Education. As a result of this experience, she developed her own method and philosophy, that proved to be extremely successful with her own 2 highly gifted children.

In her web site, http://www.all-gifted-children.com, she helps parents develop their child's genius, and provide for their kids the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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