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Car transporting career

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When deciding upon careers, people often get confused and require counseling over what choices to make and what to neglect. For those people who are fascinated with cars, especially heavy machinery like an eighteen wheeler, or are good at driving, do not mind extensive traveling and are a responsible person, then a definite career choice for you is that of a transporter.
When you sit down to review your career options and have it in mind to look over the profession of becoming a transporter, the first thing that you would need to do is analyze and judge yourself thoroughly for doing such a job or not. The job itself is as hard and tough as it seems and demands long indefinite working hours along with a lot of patience and stamina. You must have a strong, organized and disciplined personality to deal with and handle the different ongoing business aspects.
A transporters job is usually a handsomely paid one. The money is as good as the amount of hard work, effort and time put in by the worker. The companies also tend to pay for any lodging and food expenses that are required during the trip between taking the delivery and on the way back.
Cars of all sizes and brands from small auto mobiles to military cars are given for transportation. The average annual pay sums up to be approximately $25000 and more per year which divides up to be $350 to $400 per car. However, cars like the RV and the military transport are paid with $150 and $2100 per month respectively. The complete payment for the transportation per car is only done if the car is delivered safely with no damages done. This might require cross country driving which is too much excessive traveling and a work of great care and responsibility.
Coming over to the necessary details and skills that are needed for acquiring a transporter job, you will see no such degree or diploma is required. But a high school education at least is always an incentive. Most companies would prefer you if you have this minimum education at least. Next, you should definitely have a good background and history, both personal and criminal. Any notoriety would reduce your chances obviously. You should have your driving license mandatory along with additional alcohol and drug tests. Lastly, a lot of states would also want you to be in good shape and health, with an eyesight of 20/40 with or without glasses or contacts, whichever you happen to use.
Next you would want yourself to get enrolled in a professional truck driving school present in your state. Make sure that the school that you enter has a good reputation and a high job placement ratio. You would also want to check the courses and whether or not the institute would help you facilitate the process of getting your Commercial Driving License (CDL) or not.
Once you pass your Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation (FMCSR), written, physical, hearing and vision exam, you will be ready to be hired.

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