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Ebook reader comparison-need more space in your home library

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If your home library is overrun with too many books and you need more space, you might want to do an ebook reader comparison. You can put hundreds of books on an e book reader so you will be able to find what you are looking for all at the touch of a button.

Ebook readers are becoming more popular and they all come with different features and prices to go along with those features. The four most popular ebook reader models people favor are the Amazon Kindle, the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Sony Reader, and the Apple iPad. The iPad is a lot more than an ebook reader but to use it as one all you need to do is download the iBook app.

If you know a lot about the different formats then you can make your ebook reader comparison by finding the readers that support those formats you like and are familiar with.

Ebook readers are not preloaded with ebooks, you must buy the ebooks you want to read. The prices for these ebooks vary but, on average, books on the New York Times Best Seller list run about $10 per book. The savings can add up if you own an ebook reader and get books this way. Full price books can cost as much as $30 up front in a bookstore.

Ebook readers are great gifts for the person who travels a lot and finds themselves with nothing to do on the airplane. This way they can download several books instead of packing several books and adding to the weight of their luggage. You can call it your own personal library. Your collection can be as eclectic as you want it to be. You can keep children's books on it, too, for those times when your children need comfort or a quick bedtime story (even if you are out of town).

Not all authors may be available on all readers so make sure you base your decision to buy on the authors that are available. If you can access to the list before you buy, that is. The e-reader itself may also be preloaded with a list of books available that you could check out, too. Make sure there is fast wireless connectivity, too.

Storage capability for each reader may also vary from the 350 book capability for the Sony Reader, all the way up to the 3,500 book capability of the Kindle DX. The selection is out there so you can buy what you want or need and never, ever be without a good book to read.

One last ebook reader comparison you need to make is the battery life of the unit. The unit should have at least a two week battery life. You do not want to be on a long flight and have the battery run out just as you are getting to a good part, right? Check the battery life. If you run on a wireless connection the battery should last four days.

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