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Safety razor how to

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You just purchased your first old-fashioned safety razor and now you need a good safety razor how to guide to re-learn how to shave. believe it or not it is actually how you shave that makes your skin smooth or leaves it with nicks, cuts, or razor burn. Some people may think that it is the coarseness of the hair and that shaving somehow affects that when in fact the coarseness of your hair relies solely on genetics.

If the amount of pressure you exert on the razor is too much then you will leave your face red, irritated, and sore. Shaving dry can be hazardous, also, and may cause you to get ingrown hairs that can be very painful.

You must remember to always shave in the direction the hair is growing using a gentle pressure on the razor. More pressure will not remove more hair it will only cause trauma to your face. So, stop trying to rip the hair out and start being a lot more gentle to your face. You have approximately 615 hairs per square centimeter on your face and if you are trying to pull them out all at once you are going to have problems.

Before your next shave, do what the barber would do if you went there for a shave. Place a warm, wet towel over your face for several minutes to soften up your whiskers. Then use a nice shave foam or gel to keep them soft while you shave. Using a razor will effectively take off the top layer of skin and leave the newer skin underneath more susceptible to injury.

The softer the skin and hair the better, closer the shave. Another safety razor how to is about shaving cream. Shaving cream has some moisturizing qualities about it that helps protect your skin and makes shaving even easier. The razor will glide over your skin and the softened whiskers will shave off quicker. It is a lot like cutting your finder nails right after you shower. They clip off better when they are softer and don't leave sharp edges. The same holds true for the hair on your face. It is porous so the water softens it up from the inside out. You will notice a difference if you try this.

Make sure the water you use to shave is not too hot either. Hot water will increase the blood flow to where ever you use it. If you use it on your face and then cut yourself you will bleed like a stuck pig. Use warm, or even cool, water to soften you skin and hair before and during your shave. Always use a moisturizer after your shave as well. This will keep your skin soft between shaves. Then just dab on a small amount of after shave if you want. You may even decide you do not need it especially if there is alcohol in it. Alcohol is drying and not to mention the sting you feel on freshly shaved skin.

Always use a nice, clean razor. Keep your equipment in good working order by cleaning it after every use and sterilizing it once a week in a pot of boiling water or soaking it in isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide for several hours. Doing this weekly will keep your razor clean and germ free so if your should happen to cut yourself then you will not be introducing germs that cause infection to the cut.

Following this safety razor how to will let every shave be the best you can give yourself.

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