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Article advertising

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Article advertising is one of the best things you can do to make money online and run a profitable business. If you are looking to promote a service or product on the internet, then it only makes sense that you would want as many people to see it as you can. But there's more to it than that.

It's not only about getting people to see your offer. It's about getting the right people to see your offer. People that are interested and ready to spend money. Writing articles that get people in the right frame of mind is the key to article marketing. I'm about ready to let you in on one of the biggest secrets to writing articles that convert readers into buyers...

You hook them in with a title that solves their problem. That's it.

Let's say somebody is looking to cure acne. You come up with a title like "Get Rid of Acne Forever". Now, anybody with acne is going to want to read that article. But you don't go into a lot of detail about how to really do that. Instead, you use most of the space in the article doing two things:

1. Relate to the reader. You let them know that you understand what it's like to have their problem. You've been there, and they know it. You can do this by telling them you had the same problem, or you can use language that let's them know you fully understand their plight. The more you can build rapport, the more of an emotional connection they will feel. You will be their friend and ally by the time they are done reading the article.

2. Focus on the problem. Why is the problem so bad? What happens if they don't solve the problem? You want to amplify their pain. Now, that may sound mean, and it would be...if it wasn't coming from a friend. That's why it's so important to build rapport and focus on the problem.

Your entire goal with this type of article advertising is to have the reader practically screaming for a solution. And that's exactly what you give them at the end of the article. A way out. A way to solve their problem.

But why article advertising?

Writing articles as a means of marketing is very affordable. In fact, if you write all of the articles yourself it basically costs nothing. Outsourcing the writing doesn't have to be expensive either, however, it is vital that you explain to your writers exactly what you want for your articles.

The other big benefit of article advertising is that you set yourself up as an expert in your field, and that's a fantastic way to gain even more exposure for you, and your offer. On the other hand, if you don't publish any articles, if nobody knows who you are, if you don't attract targeted prospects that want to buy, then you will be relying on luck for your success. Or, you can start article marketing and make success happen.

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