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Safety razor angle

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To get the closest shave possible you need to hold the best safety razor angle you can during your shave. Over the past one hundred years or so the art of shaving has been come lost among all the newer disposable razors and the need for more convenient ways of doing things all over. But, are you getting the type of shave you really could be getting if you don't do it like your grandpa did? Maybe not.

You could and it would probably only take a little bit of effort on your part if you would take the time to relearn what you already know. All you have to do is acquaint your self with the equipment and some new to you techniques.

The best time to give yourself a shave is right after you shower when your beard and skin are moist. The razor will work better this way. So if you need a shave and are not planning to shower beforehand, place a warm wet towel on your face for several minutes to accomplish this.

Now comes the lather. Pretty much any lather will do or if you really want to be like grandpa then get yourself a new shaving kit that uses a nicely scented shaving soap and mix some up in a mug. The shaving kit probably came with a brush so after it is mixed then dab it on your face with the brush until you get a nice thick layer.

Now make sure that the shaving razor angle is at a 30 to 45 degree angle and flush with your face. You do not want to just run over your beard, you want to shave it off and using the right angle will allow you to do this without difficulty.

Starting on the side of your face closest to your sideburns, shave in a downward motion with very short strokes allowing the razor to do it's job correctly. If you want to do your entire face this way then fine or you can go over your face in sections. When the majority of the hair on your face is gone then reapply the shaving soap and make one final pass all over to make sure the shave is as close as you want it.

You may find you are gripping the razor differently than you have before to keep it flush to your face. This is completely normal and will give you the best shave possible. Never go against the way the hair grows, this will only cause irritation and increase the possibility of getting nicked or cut.

Using the correct safety razor angle and following these simple suggestions will give you the best shave you have ever had. Rinse when you are done and check out your work by running your hands over your face. If you have missed a spot then just lather up again and shave that section once more. Rinse with cool water then apply some after shave and you are done.

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