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Mobile advertising solutions

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Mediascape’s Mobile Advertising service is a complete mobile solution for traditional media enabling the delivery of highly targeted and interactive mobile advertising campaigns directly to your audience. This service offers the unique ability to target mobile ad campaigns locally or nationally through numerous demographic and interest-based criteria. In addition, you and your organization will be able to schedule and track campaign performance through dashboards and detailed views into each specific campaign.

Monetizing Mobile Workshops

The Marketron Mobile team ensures the success of your mobile campaigns through onsite sales workshops and training with your advertisers. Marketron works closely with your sales force in a live customer sales environment to offer pricing, customized promotions, best practices, one-sheets, case studies, research and most importantly, close deals.

Key Benefits:

Targeting - Enables advertisers to target consumers by keyword, geography, demographics, time, day of the week or any combination of the above mentioned.

Ease of use - Makes mobile marketing and advertising easy with campaign wizards that help create and automate successful mobile campaigns.

Speed to market - Mobilize campaigns in mere minutes thanks to the Mobile Advertising service’s efficient provisioning processes and close carrier relationships. No need to wait for short code approval timelines.

Unlimited text messaging - Unlike other competitive services Marketron does not limit the number of text messages you can send to your audience or penalize you for your success in building a loyal mobile community and strong advertising base.

Shared short code and vanity code flexibility - Marketron provides the instant start-up capability and low cost of shared short codes as well as the ability to purchase vanity codes. You choose!

Key Services:

Campaign creation - Allows you to create permission-based marketing on the fly to drive dramatically higher response and conversion rates. Campaign schedules can be as simple as a mobile call to action or be even more impactful with tags inserted in every text message at high CPMs.

Digital integration - Interfaces with the Mediascape Platform Digital solution for cross-media scheduling, reporting and invoicing. Integrating mobile with traditional spot buys have been shown by our clients to consistently increase revenues by 15 to 25 percent on those buys!

Reporting and analytics - Enable you to track and trend the details of messages by user, date, time, location, operator, peak traffic periods and much more. Through these reports you are able to optimize the performance on each campaign.

Network Connect

Media companies that air network/barter spots spend a tremendous amount of time and effort processing network orders, tracking creative media, managing revisions, providing performance affidavits and more. Network Connect, a Mediascape Service, fully automates this process, enabling stations to receive orders, copy instructions and revisions electronically. This eliminates discrepancies, reduces manual labor and increases compliance rates. Performance affidavit information is returned to the network automatically.

Key Benefits

Eliminate the massive administrative burden associated with network orders - The number of network spots aired on a station frequently amounts to hundreds per week. Manually entering each network spot in the traffic system and then reconciling each commercial back to the network is a tedious chore, consuming valuable time to complete. With Network Connect a process that once took hours now has been streamlined down to seconds, freeing station personnel to focus on more strategic business activities.

Reduce order errors and discrepancies - Through Network Connect, spot schedules are directly imported from each network, dramatically reducing the possibility of human error. As a result, network spots are more likely to air at the right time with the correct copy, increasing network contract compliance and limiting the need for makegoods.

Marketron provides quality mobile advertising solutions. Join Marketron mobile ad network and turn your SMS traffic into a new and sustainable revenue source.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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