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Advertising methods. market research questionnaire for a bus

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Advertising Methods. Market Research Questionnaire for a Business Start Up.

Which Method have you found effective? I would be grateful if you would take a few moments to complete this on-line form to help me gain self employment.

Methods. Market Research Questionnaire. As part of some Market Research into starting a business to provide business such as you're with online advertising Services I would be grateful if you would take a few moments to complete this on-line form.This is an independent survey carried out by DOT Solutions.

Digitally Orientated Technologies ( http://www.solutions.ukdots.com ). All individual information will be kept in confidence.The online Market Research

Questionnaire is at: - http://www.bosslinks.com/market_research_questionnaire.htmlClick on the following link if you need further descriptions of the Methods of
Internet adverting: -http://www.solutions.ukdots.com/advertising_methods.html

The question include:-

Which methods do you use to promote your services/products?

On-Line advertising: -

Affiliated Links. Pay for Clicks. Website submission using Purchased software or using a service. Paid for search engine listing inclusion.

E-mail campaigns. E-zine or newsletter campaigns.

WAP, Wireless Application Protocol, (mobile phone), Short Message Service or other similar e.g. 3G and Wi-fi, etc.

Off-Line advertising: -

Local Newspaper, National Newspaper,

Magazines, Television, Radio,


Direct Marketing: -

Phone calls.

Promotions. Pens and other gifts.

Advertising hoardings, billboards, and busses inside and out.

Sponsorship e.g. sports, etc.

General questions.

Which methods used have given you the best Return On Investment over the short, medium and longer term?

Which methods would you use again because of good response?

Which methods would you not use again because of poor response?

Invested amount?

How often do you use/require the service/product?

Do you always use the same supplier/business?

Would you be willing to use my advertising and promoting products and service when I start my business.

My products and services will help you advertise and promote your business.One example is the BOSS Links. Business Online Support Service ( http://www.bosslinks.com/index.html )

This website allows a searchable title, a description, Icons (small images to represent your services), Specialties, multiple keywords, linkable website address, linkable WAP site address, (if you own one), and contact details. Thank You For Your Time.

The online Market Research Questionnaire is at: -http://www.bosslinks.com/market_research_questionnaire.html

This is an independent survey carried out by DOT Solutions. Digitally Orientated Technologies ( http://www.solutions.ukdots.com/index.html ) Helping people and smaller businesses increase their brand image using low budget methods. Targeted Traffic "Keyword", "Pay for Clicks", "Cost-Per-Click", "Website submission" and off-line advertising. Able to provide step by step WEB and WAP (mobile phone) advertising solutions. This method is ideal for people or businesses with smaller budgets. It is our policy to get your website the best level of traffic.

That is the most unique visitors and returning customers as possible. We would like to receive more custom from you and this depends on both the level and quality of traffic we are able to bring to your website.http://www.solutions.ukdots.com/index.html

Compare Bargains. Someone Special or for a Business trying to reduce cost to its customers. Save some of your cash and still get great quality items. Something for everyone. Great RETAIL THERAPY...http://www.comparebargains.com

Thank You For Your Time.


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