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Web publishers anticipate bigger advertising profits from google adsense for video

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Web Publishers Anticipate Bigger Advertising Profits From Google AdSense For Video
By Bonnie Boots

Google has been promising video advertising since it purchased YouTube in November of 2006. And in the early months of 2008, after the longest drum roll in showbiz history, they have finely raised the curtain on the eagerly anticipated AdSense for Video program.

Just like AdSense, Google's AdSense For Video delivers advertising that matches the content of the web page on which it's published. But where AdSense delivers text-based ads, AdSense for Video delivers television-like commercials.

Currently, Google is testing the AdSense For Video program with 20 companies enrolled in a pilot program that will test both the strengths and weaknesses of the new advertising format. The testers are all English-language web sites headquartered in the United States and already delivering at least one million video streams per month.

Although Google has stated that the program will be expanded to allow for web sites based in other locations, as well as web sites not already producing video, it's not clear when this will happen-or how much publishers displaying video ads can expect to make.

The AdSense Investigator, http://www.adsenseinvestigator.com says. "It's generally expected that video advertising will deliver better results. That means advertisers can be expected to pay more for it. Since AdSense shares revenues, partners participating in delivering video advertising could expect to benefit from this higher-priced ad format."

The millions of web sites publishers and bloggers already monetizing their web sites with Google AdSense see this as good news and eagerly anticipate adding video stream to their arsenal of moneymakers. Google, however, has been coy on the subject of whether or not small "mom and pop" publishers will be allowed to participate, or when.

The AdSense Investigator says that he's eagerly following news about the development of the AdSense for Video program. "The eagerly anticipated higher payouts for video advertising are still far in the future for smaller web publishers," he predicts. " Still, it seems like a sure thing that the spread of video advertising is defiantly in everyone's internet future."

Bonnie Boots publishes The Internet Wizards Magazine, the premier multimedia publication for people doing business on the internet. Filled with interviews, tips, tools and techniques to help you in every aspect of your online life. Register for a no-cost one-year subscription at http://www.theinternetwizards.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Bonnie_Boots

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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