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Tv production

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"When a production crew comes from halfway around the world to shoot a film, documentary, commercial or a music clip ,they depend on us to make sure the production goes smoothly. I do not take this responsibility lightly, but through years of experience I have established a firm fundamental from which I work when providing production services there,
Firstly, I only work with the top professionals in the country whether that is a DP, a sound-man, or an assistant cameraman or even just a best boy. Working with crew who share the same strong work ethics is invaluable on projects of any scale.

"Secondly, I arrange for crews top equipment from our equipment house with which I have worked for many years. This way I am able to offer a crew great packages at good rates. Many crews appreciate this service, as it saves a lot of time and efforts arranging for carnets and getting through customs and security.
Thirdly, the safety of my clients’ is my top priority. To ensure this I hire the best drivers with the best vans, pre-scout all locations for the shoot and during the shoot I make sure that everybody on the team feels safe.

"Hard work and efficiency are my guiding work principles which have allowed me to work on great projects along the years with various clients from around the world, such as Channel 4, the History Channel, ARTE, the Discovery Channel, ZDF and many more.
Israel offers a variety of beautiful landscapes such as deserts, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean coastline and the Red Sea. . Crews filming in Israel can walk in the footsteps of the greatest prophets while enjoying the spirit of a modern, dynamic country with a true Mediterranean lifestyle.
During my work of providing production services in Israel, I have traveled around the entire country over the years and there are many beautiful locations that I have shown to my clients and crews. However, nothing compares to shooting in the desert – much of Israel’s landmass is actually desert and the different scenery in the Negev and the Judean desert is breathtaking. You can shoot beautiful sunrises at the Judean desert facing the Dead Sea and the colors around the Ramon crater at sunset are just marvelous.
"The many thank you letters and letters of recommendation I receive from my client show that it is invaluable to arrange for a local fixer in Israel. There are many security regulations, sensitive religious locations, the acquisition of film permits and a few cultural traps, which can challenge a foreign film team in many ways and delay the shooting. Having a local coordinator around you during your shoot, who is familiar with the culture, the language, the roads, and the do’s and don’ts in the Middle East, will ensure the smooth completion of any project.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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