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Why choose thailand for medical tourism med journeys

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The number one reason most people consider medical tourism for the first time is money. What nearly every medical tourism destination has in common is that medical procedures are performed in those destinations for less money than in the patients’ home country. With savings being the primary motivation for the great majority of medical tourism the destination can become a non-issue, taking the backseat to other concerns.

“Medical” is very much the more important half of “medical tourism” but the choice of destination should by no means be an idle one. If the medical procedure you need is available in more than one destination where you have it performed determines a great many factors: The numbers of procedures the medical staff has performed; the number of English speakers; the lodging, sightseeing and comfort of your traveling companions; the atmosphere of your initial recovery; transit time; corollary medical procedure availability and, not least, their experience in dealing with medical tourists, Americans in particular.

Being well-informed about the relative merits of your medical tourism destination options is key to choosing the best location in which to be treated. Here's what you want to know about the most popular medical tourism destinations: Thailand.

The Skinny

Thailand is the undisputed world leader in medical tourism. As such, if you choose a reputable company to plan your trip and procedure, you are assured an excellent and healthy experience. On the other hand, the booming trade has given rise to less-than-stellar second rate clinics that feed on the country’s reputation. Be careful! Book with a good company such as Med Journeys that insists on JCI certified facilities worldwide.

The Bill

Unsurprising for the world leader in medical tourism, many procedures – life saving, necessary ones – can be performed for approximately one tenth of the cost as in Europe or America. Prices vary and can depend upon the relationship a booking agency has with a clinic or hospital.

The Travel

Flight time from New York to Bangkok will generally be around 13 hours and will often include a layover.

Medical Care In Thailand

Nearly every kind of medical procedure an ailing American needs is available in Thailand at excellent standards for a nearly unbeatable price. Thailand’s medical tourism sector doesn’t cater only to westerners – Thailand is a very popular medical destination for Asians, as well. Thailand treats many Japanese tourists every year, and was the choice of Nepal’s prime minister for a 2006 surgery. Thailand’s hospitals place a high valu

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