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Get reviews verizon iphone 5

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The Verizon iPhone has started tempting the customers. Apple is introducing the next generation smart phone. The new phone is supportive to 4G. It comes in an improved design and thus the handset will become more appealing. It will also provide an international support. Verizon I Phone 5 presents a formidable challenge and manages to beat any Android based mobile device. But who knows which carrier will offer the next generation handset. 4G will be one of the features of the Verizon iPhone5. It is estimated that Verizon will be able to reach an audience of 100 million people and this owes to the 4G network. By the end of the year 2011 it will have even more customers. Thus, Apple will capitalize on this with the next Verizon iPhone. Smart phone reviews are many but the launch of Verizon iPhone5 has left the techno geeks to discuss and review the iPhone5 at length.

Product review of the Verizon iPhone5 :

It has been launched with excellent features like the:

Dual core A5 processor chip
Higher image chips that supply greater resolutions of the video (around 5-9 times better and effective still photos while taking the pictures
Near field communication technology
New antenna, higher memory
Additional storage space
Higher graphic chip

It is to be launched with awesome features like video chat on 3G and 4G now no longer limited to Wi-Fi, face recognition and extreme downloading. It is rumored to support both CDMA and GSM technologies. The material used for manufacturing the iPhone5 will be new alloy. .It makes multi- tasking a lot faster and quicker. It is best for Apple to make the iPhone5 to larger audience.

It is said that the launch of iPhone5 has been delayed but there are reasons for it. The fifth generation iPhone is Apple’s first foray in the 4G arena. The two carriers of iPhone5, Verizon and AT & T are in the 4G race. Apple needs to reason and consider what the 4G landscape on Verizon and AT & T looks at the time iPhone5 launches. It also needs to think what it will look like in the entire 12 months when it remains in the market.

Apple caters to the majority in spite of the fact that sometimes it comes at the expense of a minority of users. Apple also cares less that customers who bought the Verizon iPhone4 feel unhappy about the fact that iPhone4 reviews is suddenly not the current one after just few months of being in the market.

Problems with the phone start with the size. It is slightly small for bigger palms. The Verizon service according to some customers is worse than the AT &T service.

The screen size is also too small and leaves you to strain your eyes while you read the text.

Most analysts hold the view that the features of the new iPhone5 will be evolutionary in nature. Like most of the Apple launches the iPhone5 is also much anticipated. It is also debated as to when it will be launched. All said and done it is the phone of the generation next as it will support the 4G technology.

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I am Parkar Atkinson. I am writer, writes on different subjcts comprising on car dealers, product reviews, wedding planning.

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