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Five trends for seo in pa and seo for pennsylvania companies in 2011

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Local Pennsylvania businesses interested in optimizing their web pages should explore trends specific to SEO PA or SEO Pennsylvania. Several trends are noteworthy for SEO in PA in 2011.

Local Listings

Perhaps the most important trend for 2011 SEO Pennsylvania is a continuing focus by the major search engines on Local Search. In late October Google made a change to its search results. Now whenever a search term is typed that can be construed as a local term, a map listing with seven to ten entries appears. For instance a search for any local service business such as a restaurant or lawyer returns map results above natural search results. Google has a large share of the search market, so website owners should pay attention to their Google places listings. Aside from the potential increase in ad revenue from Google places, another reason for the push on local search optimization is the continuing increase in mobile search demands. People are using their phones to access the internet more and more. Because of this, businesses should claim and verify their local listings, make sure to appear in all the local directories, and encourage their customers to use local rating sites.

Social Media Optimization

For the last few years, social media has been growing at incredible rates, and this trend is expected to continue in 2011. The good news is that Social Media Optimization (SMO) activities help SEO in PA efforts., since SMO includes getting links back to the website from individual social media sites. Businesses in Pennsylvania should be blogging, twittering, and interacting on other social networking sites as part of their SEO in PA efforts.

On-Page SEO Activities

Just as was the case in 2010, on-page optimization will help SEO in PA again. One change is that Google is trying to increase not only the relevance, but also the speed of search results, so a properly coded website with a speedy load time can boost search rankings. Google is also cracking down on meta tag spam, so abusing meta tags or simply ignoring them will have a negative effect on search rankings.

The Yahoo and Bing merger is predicted to capture around 30 percent of the search market, and although this has yet to happen, optimizing for Bing should be a priority for SEO in PA. If the site is an ecommerce site, it is very important to set up an automated feed into both Google and Bing shopping.

Personalized Search

One of the changes that both Google and Bing have made is in personalizing search results. In this way, each person’s search results are based on their web searching history. Sites they have visited before will appear over and over again in their search results. As a result, less popular websites showing up in search results will be less likely. Sites that are already popular will have better search rankings, and less popular sites will need to rely on social network recommendations in order to appear in search results.

Online Videos

YouTube has now offered text captions on videos, making them much more searchable, and it has also become the second largest search engine. One of the reasons for this is that videos quickly and easily tell a story, teach, entertain, or demonstrate. It is easy to share the link to a video, and videos can also be optimized for SEO in PA. To take advantage of this trend, companies focused on SEO in PA need to set up their YouTube channels, upload videos and begin using this growing tool to market.

Sue McCrossin is owner of Boomtown Internet Group, a SEO PA firm that publishes weekly blog tips to help others in their SEO efforts. For more information on Search Engine Optimization Pennsylvania visit our website.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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