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Oracle designing

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Oracle designing means to plan a strategy with the help of which we design our oracle databases. The entire functioning of our application relies on the accuracy of the design. An inaccurate design will lead us into a great failure. When we start designing a program we see that with what type of designing our tables and indexes would be formed in our data, what will be the procedure to store it, how the reports and screens be maintained and the most important stage is the design for the development of such a server at which the client easily communicate.
Usually the customers come to you to design for them a program through which they communicate. Your job is to develop a server where the owners and clients can communicate, else design it in a manner in which the customer has to bear the minimum time and cost and gets the maximum output. The designer can make use of all the available technology in designing a most suitable design. In designing a project, we first make a strategy with the help of which we should start our work, later analyze it in a manner that by repeated trials and experiments we see that if the strategy will lead to success or to the failure. In case, our analysis gives us a positive response then we will develop a design or rough sketch based on which we will develop our program. Before the final transition, we again test it and make it able to perform the entire required task. After the conformation of success the designer, give the designed program to the customer.
Now in order to understand the topic, keep into consideration that a new company want to increase its income and in order to achieve this target they hire a designer to help them do so. In this regard the foremost duty of the designer is first to make the company owners aware b that by what type of strategies they can achieve their target, what policies they should introduce in their company and how and at what cost they should sell their product. Suppose the company after listening to the opinions agrees to increase the production of those products, which the people like, and to present those products in three different packing at a variable cost. The designer will than develop a strategy in which he will meet the executives of the company, tell them about the cost and outcome of their plan, present his idea to other big businessman and take their opinion. Later his duty is to take the opinion of the common people by introducing their new products free of cost and then he should make the report of the result of survey. The designer must set its goals in small steps and ensure that performance of which step is important prior to the accomplishment of the other. In many cases the plans at the end fails so the designer must design an alternate strategy to lift the company back to certain height.

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