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High quality down jacket requires more when washing

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When the cold winter comes, a piece of down jacket can stop you from the harshest climate and keep you warm and cozy. As we all know, down jacket can do well in insulating and holding stable body temperature. A number of the jackets are rated according to their function of staying warm at a specific temperature level. Take a -40 rating as an example, you won't be cold even at a minus 40-degree temperature.

However, the highly insulating quality of down jacket requires rather serious cleaning skills because of the unique materials which the jacket is made of. It will be damaged more easily without careful cleaning, specially for leather on with no exception of wool and synthetic blends. As far as the design for harsh climate is concerned, waterproof covering are always in the need, which defies cleaning often. Thus it's difficult to find the absolutely appropriate methods and detergents even if you make a cautious determination on the sorts, heat or strong.

First of all, you be supposed to scan the recommended washing information on the label before doing some cleaning. Then, pay attention to stain removers when using it and keep the caustic nature from damaging the materials around. As for the jackets with liners or outside covers, you should deal with each other alone. If it is required dry cleaning only, you had better do it. It's not absolute that only it suits for your jackets as long as you make use of other approaches cautiously, as water will stretch or make it change its original shape, resulting in being less chic and beautiful. Within the permission, you can wash it according to the following tips.

First, shake off any dirt or foreign materials before any washing. If it's not too dirty, just plain water can do the job well, but if it's much dirtier, you can apply sort of delicate washing product. Not all normal washing machines agitating in cycles is good for your jackets. A commercial washing machine applied at plenty of laundromats can prevent your down jacket from moving around and sticking together without center agitator. Also, if you were limited to soak it in the washing machine, don't rely on the spin dry cycle. Just take out and use towels to pat it, then fluff it gently to avoid balling up and spread around equally. You can choose whether to do the following step or not. For example, try to air dry the down jackets by laying it out on the towel and then turn around every 30 minutes. The other is to dry briefly with low temperature air for about 10-15 minutes. At last, be sure to take it out and spread it once more. What's more, it's more significant to hang it in a completely airy place after fluffing it again if it's dry enough. Keep the following advice in your mind, that is, never wring out or wash and dry it roughly if you don't want to lose the shape and insulating ability of your down jackets.

Generally, a high quality down jackets may cost $ 100 more or less. To make it worthy it, make sure that you clean it following the recommendation above and plays it full part in winter for much longer time.

Article Source: Messaggiamo.Com


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