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Does irobot roomba vacuum cleaner really work

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The short answer is yes.

While the iRobot Roomba won't replace your traditional vacuum cleaner, it does the job reasonably well - so well in fact, that you can significantly decrease vacuuming and just running the Roomba everyday.

Where it works well?

It works well with low rise carpets, flat surfaces, wood surfaces, marbled and stone floors. You just turn it on and it does the job for you.

Where it doesn't work well?

If you have shaggy carpet, chances are the wheels will get stuck and you won't have good results. Also, uneven surfaces with too many irregularities will make it difficult for Roomba's low profile to navigate those surfaces.

Who should use it?

If you have allergies you are a prime candidate for Roomba. It is very good at getting the dust and dander out of your home - especially if you run it everyday. People with pets (cats, dogs, etc - that shed a lot) and also people with young children are also very good candidates - as young children tend to make a lot of mess - and Roomba can easily clean them.

Extending the functionalities of Roomba

Roomba's functionality can be greatly extended via a serial port on the machine. By interfacing to this port, tech savvy individuals can create additional functionalities for the robot. RoombaDevTools.com provides tools and resources to get you started on modifying your Roomba vacuum cleaner.

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